29 $

An Israeli Firefighter / Fireman/ Fire Department & Rescue Services Belt buckle / clasp.


A Brand new Authentic Belt buckle / clasp with the National Fire and Rescue Red logo of the Israeli Firefighter Symbol / Badge/ Sign placed in the center.

-         Shape oval metal buckle, colored + Enamel coating.

-         A metal buckle of brass (gilded - SOLID BRASS, flat buckle and a ring on the axis to connect the belt) to the left side.  On the Right inner side metal pin 12 mm in length, with a phase, to connect the two parts of the belt.

-         The belt thickness has to be a minimum of 4 to 3.5 mm.

-         Branches with leaves on the sides are embedding the material.

-         Easy to clean.


The Fire and Rescue Services are the national firefighting organization of Israel.

Their target is to save lives as quickly as possible and reduce the scope of damage inflicted on the environment and property.


* Authentic items!!!    

* Being used by real firefighters!!!

* Official items!!!!