35 $

An Original Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife Squatter / Recruit2.2503 With the Israel Flag, Shield Of David & Candelabrum (Menora) Print.

Made by Victorinox - Makers of the Original Swiss Army Knifes.

The Recruit / Squatter model 2.2503 is a helpful, reliable all-rounder.

Exactly what a prospective soldier needs. Perfect size to carry, compact and handy, everyone should have it in their pocket.

This high quality Pocket Knife has 10 standard features. Design to use for- Hiking, Travel, Camping, Every day use.

Pocket Knife Spartan EcoLine - Item Number: 2.2503

Size : Length: 84 mm Width: 23.00 mm Height: 14 mm Tools functions:

Two blades (Large & Small), Can opener, Medium screwdriver, Wire stripper, Corkscrew (Bottle opener), Cap lifter, Key ring, Toothpick and Tweezers.