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Named in memory of the "Dakar" Submarine divers.

The educational activities at the School for Marine Officers include and cover the student at all hours of the day and night.

The unique character of the naval officer's school uses the sea as a significant educational tool in the process of students' self-discipline, to lead and command, to a significant service in the navy and merchant marine. School subjects Sailing, sea fishing and marine science.

Logistics. Electronic and Computer Engineering / Submarines. Electrical engineering and control systems.

The naval officer's school vision and Targets: To be a leading educational and marine institution that develops the marine consciousness and educates the love of the sea, to train graduates professionally, technologically and personally.

To maximize the potential of each student and to lead him to high achievements.

To educate to Command and lead to Leadership. Bridging social gaps and absorbing immigrants.

To nurture and preserve the marine and general environment. To impart the values of love of man, the people and the land.

The activity in the naval officer's school is varied and interesting; the educational staff harnesses this holy mission in full cooperation with the parents.

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