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Combat Engineering Corps Gilded Beret badge.

Engineers Gilded Hat Badge. Israeli Army Military IDF ZAHAL Infantry Combat Engineering Corps Gilded Beret badge.

An Israeli army / IDF Engineers Hat Badge Hat Badge Gilded Official beret badge usually worn by Discipline Commanders.

Used by A permanent army soldier who Graduate a Discipline Commander course - A Master-at-Arms who is not an officer course in the IDF.

Responsible for the administration of the base or unit, ceremonies, nutrition, cleanliness and general discipline.

The Symbol combines with features of a sword on a defensive tower with a blast halo on the background features a sword on a defensive tower with a blast halo on the background.

The Israeli Combat Engineering Corps missions & targets include mobility assurance, road breaching, defense and fortifications, counter-mobility of enemy forces, construction and destruction under fire, sabotage, explosives, bomb disposal, counter-NBC and special engineering missions.

Combat Engineering Corps sappers and heavy equipment operators are often attached to other units (such as armored or infantry brigades) in order to help them breach through obstacles and handle explosive threats., each infantry brigade has an Engineering Company trained with basic Engineering and Explosive Ordnance Disposal skills.

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