9.9 $

Israeli Army Combat Fitness Guide Instructor Style Embroidered Green Hat / Baseball Cap.

A Brand New Authentic Hat / Cap with the Israeli Army Combat Fitness Guide Instructor Symbol / Badge/ Sign Embroidered in the center.

- One size fits all

- Adjustable by a buckle & strap in the back.

- Easy to clean.

- Embroidered not screened emblem – " Combat Fitness" written in Hebrew.

- 6 Panels Cap.

The Combat Fitness Guide will advance the field of sports, fitness and training at the unit and at the base.

The instructors will provide physical training, combat fitness and organize events and sports days.

The role also includes examining soldiers on physical training and lecturing on various topics such as proper nutrition.

There is the possibility to perform gym certification during the service as well as other professional training such as Pilates, kickboxing, spinning and more.

Combat fitness is the level of physical fitness and military skills required for a combat soldier on the battlefield.

It is sometimes defined as "the soldier's ability to perform his military tasks most efficiently."

Combat fitness was built on the basis of physical fitness. The required military skills include carrying heavy equipment, walking long distances, even in difficult terrain, carrying wounded, navigating and orienting under time pressure, and shooting after effort.

Another component is the warrior's strength - physical and mental resilience, self-confidence, and ability to function under conditions of uncertainty, fatigue, hunger and stress.