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Combat Paratrooper New Warrior pin The New and updated warrior badge of the Combat Troopers was replaced in 2020 the prior former designed from mid-1990s. The new pin is bigger than its previous one, but the main mark in the symbol, the winged snake, remained in place. This warrior badge without a doubt was one of the biggest pride in the IDF. It was granted to a soldier who passes and graduates the entire training period, consisting of the following phases: Basic Novice Training combined with infantry training, Parachute Course, Advanced Training and Combat Deployment. The soldier is entitled with the red beret after finishing the first training tests. The Paratrooper wings are granted after the Parachute course, which contains 20 jumps. The total training period lasts 12 months. The Combat Paratrooper badge is made of metal in a silver grey color.