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Commanders and instructors Black & Green Aiguillette

Black & Green Aiguillette - used by commanders and instructors in various professions in the army:

  1. Commanders in a course for cadets in the Artillery Corps.
  2. Reserve Instructors in training base 7.
  3. Instructors of the School of Computer and Cyber Professions..
  4. Instructors of Tank Commanders Course .
  5. Commanders / Instructors at training base 20.
  6. Commanders in a course for officers in the Magal.
  7. Framework Commanders in training base 6.
  8. Departmental Sargent's in MP training base 13.
  9. Commanders in a course for officers in the Combat Engineering Corps.
  10. Instructors of a cadet course with the help of an armor, as well as a cadet course in the infantry.
  11. Senior instructors in the professions in the Artillery Corps and in the 11th Battalion of the Human Resources Corps.