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This unit includes experts of deep water divers for the purpose of special operations and mechanical works up to the depth of 90 meters!

The unit is based mostly on professional divers, usually seniors who has over three years of active service, in order to control a variety of underwater missions such as assistance and fixing boats and other mechanic tools under the water surface, under-water cutting and welding, Navy classified underwater experiments, demolition and neutralizing under-water mines and bombs.

Some of the unit's activities are in the territorial water area, which includes operations of security and rescuing by diving.

The unit uses special speed boats adjusted specially to it's needs.

Except for the fluent diving missions, the "Yaltam" unit contains the Naval Engineering, which specializes in demolition and clearing mines, and active in operations of protecting and guarding the various Navy's operations.

"Yaltam", a small and unique unit, which forms the only professional team of expert divers in the Navy. The small pin is granted to the staff and logistics.

Metal badge.