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Education and Youth Corps Gilded Hat Badge Education and Youth Corps Gilded Hat Badge.

The Israeli army / IDF Education and Youth Corps Hat Badge Gilded Official beret badge usually worn by Discipline Commanders.

Used by A permanent army soldier who Graduate a Discipline Commander course - A Master-at-Arms who is not an officer course in the IDF. Responsible for the administration of the base or unit, ceremonies, nutrition, cleanliness and general discipline.

The Education and Youth Symbol combines with features of Star of David decorated with two olive branches and an open book in its center with a bow and arrow placed on it.

The book stands for education, the bow and arrow stands for the youth regiments pre military training programs.

The Israeli Education and Youth Corps is the IDF Manpower Directorate corps responsible for the education of soldiers and commanders in Israel's military.

It is designed to instruct and develop national values among the troops.

The Education and Youth Corps tasks are to increase the motivation and morale of the soldiers, troops and units by introducing cultural activities into their lives, teaching them Israel and its values—both national and universal—as well as by teaching them about the nature of their duties as soldiers and citizens of the state of Israel.

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