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Israeli Army Desert Reconnaissance 585 Bedouin Warriors unit Cloth Dog Tag Cover

The hand made Dog-Tag covers are unique in our shop and other web sites buy it from us.

Each cover is carefully hand made by one of our staff, and provides the maximum convenience.

The covers are widely spread among the various units, and a great number of IDF soldiers ware it on them.

The inside is made of plastic, covered by Cordura cloth to prevent sweating, and contains an inner pocket for the dog-tag.

All dog tag covers come with ball chain, covered by a string to prevent skin rush for allergic people.

*The color of cloth on which the logo is embroidered may vary according to the material we have in stock.

This Item is made in Israel.

  • The product is the dog tags Cover only.
  • The Plate appears in the photography is for illustrative purposes only.
  • The customer can choose the color of the Dog Tag cover – Black or Olive green by mail.


The Desert Reconnaissance 585 Warriors unit; also known as "the Bedouin Reconnaissance Warriors unit" or " The Desert Rangers" is an infantry Warriors unit composed primarily of Bedouin soldiers, but also Israeli Arabs, Circassia's and Christians.

the soldiers undergo basic training at the training at the Givati  brigade base in Ketziot, along with soldiers from the Givati Brigade. The training consists of infantry basic training and advanced training. Military operations of this regiment are now focused on Gaza and the Israeli-Egyptian border. The regiment's clothing includes a purple beret with logo infantry and red combat boots.