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General Service Corps Gilded Hat Badge. The Israeli army / IDF General Service Corps Hat Badge Gilded Official beret badge usually worn by Discipline Commanders. Used by A permanent army soldier who Graduate a Discipline Commander course - A Master-at-Arms who is not an officer course in the IDF. Responsible for the administration of the base or unit, ceremonies, nutrition, cleanliness and general discipline. The Israeli General Corps is the Israel Defense Forces corps who do not belong to any other corps. The General Corps manages or advises the following major units, although they are not necessarily subordinate to this corps: • Military Advocate General • IDF Spokesperson's Unit • Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories • IDF Budget Department • Behavior Sciences Unit • Soldiers' Ombudsman's Unit • Administration for non-IDF soldiers in mandatory service, including service in the Defense Ministry, Prime Minister's Office, Israel Police, etc. * Authentic items!!! * Being used by real soldiers!!! * Official items!!!!