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Gilded Armor Hat Badge. An Israeli army / IDF Armored Corps Gilded Official beret badge usually worn by Discipline Commanders.

Used by A permanent army soldier who Graduate a Discipline Commander course - A Master-at-Arms who is not an officer course in the IDF.

Responsible for the administration of the base or unit, ceremonies, nutrition, cleanliness and general discipline.

The Israeli Armored Corps is a corps of the Israel Defense Forces, since 1998 subordinate to Ground Army Headquarters.

The Armored Corps is in fact a maneuvering corps, and primarily bases its strength on Main Battle Tanks.

Ground Army Headquarters considers The Armored Corps as a decisive corps in a Battle who bases its power on a combination of mobility, armor, and firepower.

During wars, its role is, on the one hand, to lead the first line of the attacking forces and to clear the area of the enemy, while on the other hand, to block the armor forces of the enemy and to destroy its tanks and armor.

During peacetime, it reinforces the Infantry Corps while it performs security tasks, with the tanks serving as a mobile bunker.