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Givati reconnaissance Company handling as part of the divisional "Shualey Shimshon"/"Samson's Foxes" Special Troops Battalion of the " Givati Brigade . Givati reconnaissance specializing in raiding, reconnaissance, sabotage, Urban warfare, submarine combat, snipers and anti-tank missiles. In 2019, the IDF made a drastic change to the brigade's battalion. Metal badge.

The Givati Recon (palsar Givati) was established in 1983. The entire training period lasts 20 months, consisting of the following phases: Novice training and Advanced Infantry training in the IT school of Givati for six months.

Patrolling course. Anti Terror Course. Parachuting course.

Recon's class commander's course.

In addition to all of the above the warrior is trained to excellence in operating various types of weapons, special combat gear, Hammers driving, camouflage art and navigation.

At the end of the course, the warrior joins a skillful limited force, which together they perform the unique team's operations. Joining the Recon is voluntarily.

Collecting Insignias