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IDF, Israeli Army GOLANI infantry Brigade 100% Cotton Fatigue "Bet" Combat Olive Green Complit Uniform Set + Belt + Shoulder Tag + printed T-Shirt + Olive Green Hat Baseball Cap + Warrior combat badge

This Israeli Army / military / IDF "Golani" infantry brigade authentic Combat Olive Green Uniform Set includes:

1. Uniform set - Shirt & pants 100% Cotton Israeli Army Heavy Duty Olive green authentic fatigue Unisex Made in Israel by an Official Supplier to the IDF.

2. Regular Olive Green Army belt.

3. The "Golani" infantry brigade Shoulder Tag.

4. The "Golani" brigade warrior combat badge

5. IDF "Golani" military infantry brigade printed T-Shirt.

6. Golani infantry Brigade Military IDF Olive Green Hat  

    Baseball Cap


Shirt specifications:

Two openings for ventilation in both armpits

Two chest pockets.

Double fabric on the elbows.

Shoulder straps for ranks.


Pants specifications:

Right side - deep big pocket on hip.

Left side: deep big pocket on hip + small pocket under it.

Double layered cloth over the knee areas.

Unless you are certain about your size, we recommend contacting us by Email in order to find out about the right size for you!
In order to reduce wear and tear and to make it more durable and suitable for training there is a double-layered strengthened cloth to protect the knees and elbows area.
100% Cotton

Color: Olive Green.

Made in Israel

Belt specifications:

Green Fatigue Belt (G.S)

The Green Fatigue Belt (General Service) is the standard belt of the Non Commissioned soldiers of the Army and the Border Police. It is used by all the compulsory service soldiers when wearing the Day Uniforms, and by Army, Air Force and Navy as Labor Uniform Belt.
It comes in one size, adjustable by buckle to fit all sizes. (Maximum length of 105 c.)


Sizes Available:

Shirt: S / M / L / XL / XXL / 3XL / 4XL.

Pants: S / M / XL / XXL / 3XL / 4XL


Green Fatigue Belt (G.S): one size, adjustable by buckle to fit all sizes. (Maximum length of 105 cm'.)

IDF "Golani" military infantry brigade printed T-Shirt - Short sleeve printed T-Shirt with an IDF logo of the Israeli army / IDF "Golani" infantry brigade – The Olive Tree.

Meaning in Hebrew wards: "Golani".  


·       You can select if you want the print on the Back or Front.

·       Available shirt colors: White, Black, Olive Green and  

        Navy Blue.

·       Please make sure to request color and size by mail.


Golani infantry Brigade Military IDF Style Olive Green Hat / Baseball Cap

A Brand new Authentic Hat / Cap with the Israeli Army Golani infantry Brigade Symbol / Badge/ Sign Embroidered in the center.


One size fits all - Adjustable by a buckle & strap in the back.

-         Easy to clean.

-         Embroidered not screened emblem - writings: My  


-         6 Panels.


The price includes: Shirt, Trousers, "Golani" infantry brigade Shoulder Tag,  A belt, authentic Brown Beret and  "Golani" brigade warrior combat badge only. 

Size specifications will be asked upon payment.


The deal / price does not include "warrior" Socks & Leather Light Black Army Boots,