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Home Front Command Civilian Defense Silvered Hat Badge Home Front Command Civilian Defense Silvered Hat Badge.

Israeli Army Military IDF ZAHAL Home Front Command Civilian Defense Corps Silvered Beret badge.

The Symbol combines with the two leaves that form a framework / crown around the two hands – one reaching for help the other, the symbol officers, Behind the sword are triangular building that symbolizes a hill or a mountain.

These symbolize the civilian territory - rural and urban, a Star of HFC. That emphasize the uniqueness of the Home Front Command is responsible for civilian defense.

The Israeli Home Front Command is a regional command, created in February 1992 following the Gulf War, which was the first war since the1948 Arab-Israeli War in which centers of civilian population faced significant threat.

Until the establishment of the Home Front Command the responsibility for the Home Front was by the Civilian Defense’s Chief Officer Corps Command and by Regional Defense.

During that time, the three regional commands had their own home front commands.

These organizations were unified after the first Persian Gulf War under the Home Front Command corps.

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