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Israeli Army / IDF Home Front Regional Command Corps Embroidered Combat Cloth Black Or  Olive Green Disguising  Hand Made Dog Tag Cover

The hand made Dog-Tag covers are unique in our shop and other web sites buy it from us.

Each cover is carefully hand made by one of our staff, and provides the maximum convenience.

The covers are widely spread among the various units, and a great number of IDF soldiers ware it on them.

The inside is made of plastic, covered by Cordura cloth to prevent sweating, and contains an inner pocket for the dog-tag.

All dog tag covers come with ball chain, covered by a string to prevent skin rush for allergic people.

*The color of cloth on which the logo is embroidered may vary according to the material we have in stock.


The Home Front Command Created in February 1992 following the Gulf War, which was the first war since the 1948 Arab-Israeli War in which centers of civilian population faced significant threat. There are five districts in the Home Front Command. The Home Front Command also operates the National Rescue Unit (Hebrew acronym of YAHTZA), a training center for extrications and rescue, and three standing rescue units. The area of the rear is divided into districts as follows:

The Northern District

The Dan District

The Jerusalem District

The Central District

The Southern District