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An Israeli army / IDF Paratrooper's brigade and "Sayeret Matkal" commando unit Red Maroon Official beret and an infantry badge.

Hat insignia included. The Paratroopers Brigade also known as the 35th Brigade is a unit of paratroopers within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

It has a history of carrying out special forces-style missions. The brigade was created at the mid 1950s.

It has since participated in all of Israel's major wars and nearly all major operations.

The 35th (Paratrooper) Brigade consists of three regular battalions, each bearing the name of a venomous snake.

The first commander of the Paratroopers Brigade was Ariel Sharon.

* Available in one size L only.

* 100% wool * Infantry Hat insignia included

* Banded are not Leather

* Official item