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Israeli Army Extreme Cold Weather Boiler Suit Works Wear Coverall Olive Green – “Hermonit”


IDF Extreme Cold Weather Boiler suit work wear Coverall olive green – “Hermonit”. Olive green Boiler suit works wear coverall.

Retains body temperature in extreme cold whether. Was named after the coldest days of Mt. Harmon.

Made of fine nylon fabric (water repellent) light and flexible to prevent motion difficulty, synthetic fur, fill with hollow synthetic fibers.

Two side zippers that enable wearing it without removing the boots,

Available in sizes of: S, M, L, XL, XXL.


* Cold weather Boiler suit with lined large hood

* Pockets: Four large square pockets on the front.

* Two Stud Epaulets.

* Specially designed for cold weather and hard conditions:   

   Double front closure  

   (Zipper and snaps) retaining body temperature

* Water & wind resistant

* Patched elbows, stretch cuffs, waist and hood drawstrings

* Outer - 100% Polyester

* Filling - 100% Polyester

* Lining: 100% Nylon

* Insulation: Hollow fibers & Acrylon ®.

* Available in Olive green or Navy Blue

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Made by "Hagor" Company.

Hagor Industries Ltd. was established in 1952 in Israel, Hagor considered the leading company in the field of tents, backpacks, personal equipment for soldiers and bulletproof vests.

Hagor Company has accumulated professional knowledge for many years. The company produce products from the finest raw materials without compromising quality. We have a quality management system ISO 9001-2008.