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Israeli Army Military IDF 188th Armory Tanks Brigade "Hativat BARAK (Lightning)" Battalion Sleeve Shoulder Embroidered Patch High quality Israeli Army / Military / IDF "188th Armory " Hativat BARAK (Lightning)" Sleeve Tanks Brigade Shoulder Embroidered Patch. The Sleeve Patch In use by working uniform / fireproof overalls of the IDF 188th Armory " Hativat BARAK (Lightning)" Sleeve Tanks Brigade soldiers. Perfect to be worn / attached on uniforms, tactical equipment, vests or jackets. Attached by Hoop Fastener or sewn on the right sleeve. The Armor Brigade "BARAK" (lightning) No.188 established in the Independence war of 1948, from the Palmach's brigade "Carmeli". This brigade took an active part in all of Israel's wars, and was nearly exterminated in Yom Kipur War in 1973 during the brutal battle over the Golan heights. The brigade positioned today in the north of The Golan Heights (Ramat Ha-Golan) and guards along the north border of Israel. The brigade's Active tank is "Merkava '3", one of the most advanced tanks in the world today. * Authentic items!!! * Being used by real soldiers!!! * Official items!!!!

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