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Israeli Army IDF 1941-1945 Jeep Willys MB Die Cast Toy Vehicle 1:38 Scale Pull Back Car Replica.

 Israeli Army IDF 1944 Jeep Willys MB Diecast Toy Vehicle 1:38 Pull back car Replica Marked with symbols of the Israeli army.

The ratio to real vehicle Original size - 1:38

Model dimensions:

Width: 4 cm

Length: 10 cm

This is a Pull Back toy car Replica.

Diecast car collectors model item.

The color of a jeep: desert sand.

Marked with symbols of the Israeli army.


"Jeep" the FIAT- Chrysler brand (FCA) Vehicle. It originates in a field utility vehicle manufactured in the United States for the US Army during the Second World War, The name Jeep became, in Hebrew, a brand name for a generic SUV Vehicles.

 The US Army tested three prototypes for a space vehicle, and chose a model manufactured by Bantam, but Bent was a small company and was unable to produce such a large number of Vehicles as required by the US Army. Therefore, the production was transferred to the Willis plants, which were closed for several years due to a process of dismantling and reopening Jap. The Willis plants were not big enough, so Ford also participated in the production of the vehicle. From 1941 until the end of World War II (1945), more than 600,000 jeeps were manufactured. The jeep is also manufactured in other countries, including France and the Netherlands and also supplied to the Russian army.

 In the military model, the jeep became the main field vehicle of many armies around the world (including the United States and Israel) until it was replaced by the Hummer. the IDF replaced it by the M-240 STORM vehicle belonging to Daimler-Chrysler and manufactured in Israel in the Nazareth Illit Automotive Industries.