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Israeli Army Military IDF 7th Armory Tanks Brigade "Hativa Sheva" Battalion Sleeve Shoulder Embroidered Patch High quality Israeli Army / Military / IDF "7th Armory "Hativa Sheva" Sleeve Tanks Brigade Shoulder Embroidered Patch. The Sleeve Patch In use by working uniform / fireproof overalls of the IDF 7th Armory "Hativa Sheva" Sleeve Tanks Brigade soldiers. Perfect to be worn / attached on uniforms, tactical equipment, vests or jackets. Attached by Hoop Fastener or sewn on the right sleeve. The Israeli Army Military IDF Armored Corps bases its power on a combination of mobility, armor, and firepower. During wars, its role is, on the one hand, to lead the first line of the attacking forces and to clear the area of the enemy, while on the other hand, to block the armor forces of the enemy and to destroy its tanks and armor. During peacetime, it reinforces the Infantry Corps while it performs security tasks, with the tanks serving as a mobile bunker. * Authentic items!!! * Being used by real soldiers!!! * Official items!!!!
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