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Israeli army IDF Home Front Combat Rescue Brigade Warrior Combat Former Badge / Pin.

This is An Israeli Army / IDF Home Front Regional Command Rescue Brigade authentic warrior combat former badge / pin.

The warrior combat badge / pin was in use by vacation uniform of the IDF Home Front Regional Command Rescue infantry brigade soldiers.

The warrior combat badge / pin were granted to a soldier who passes and graduates the entire the Home Front Command training period.

Perfect to be worn / attached to vacation uniforms shirt.

This Item is made in Israel.

The Home Front Command rescue brigade battalions are involved in rescue and rescue operations in various emergency situations, as well as in non-conventional events such as: atomic, biological and chemical warfare.

The rescue battalions serve as preparedness teams for disaster events in Israel and abroad.

The soldiers undergo basic training 05 and are then trained in a 4-month course as an Extractor and a Purifier.

The training takes place at the IDF Home Front Command training base in Zikim.