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An Israeli Army / IDF Adjutant, Prior Former Human Resources Directorate Corps 3 Beret's Badges / Symbols Set - Black + Glided & Silvered.

This Israeli Army / IDF Military Adjutant, Prior Former Human Resources Directorate Corps 3 Beret badges / pins authentic collectors set includes: Three IDF, ZAHAL Military Adjutant, Prior Former Human Resources Directorate Corps Beret Badges in Black, Glided & Silvered.

The IDF, ZAHAL IDF Adjutant Beret prior badge recently replaced to Human Resources Directorate Beret authentic badge / pin Directorate Corps On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its establishment, the Adjutant Chief Officer decided to change the name on the beret of the Corps to Human Resources Directorate Corps.

The Beret Badges combines with features of an open book under a sword combine with olive branches with two olive branches frame.The Human Resources Corps is a combat support force. The Corps is responsible for handling the human resource - exhaustion, development and nurturing of manpower.

The Human Resources Officer is in regular contact with commanders and soldiers in all IDF units and security bodies.

The Human Resources Officer in the unit (called until 2017 Adjutant) assists the unit commander by controlling the personnel figures of the regular army unit (sometimes also the reserves), including their placement, professional advancement, and promotion of the ranks of the soldiers.

The Reserve Human Resources officer (who until 2017 was called Reserve liaison officer) was in charge of handling the reserves.

The Human Resources Planning Officer is responsible for the planning, development and future vision of staffing the manpower systems. The Casualty officer monitors the treatment of casualties, casualties and their families, assists them in solving problems with the IDF system and beyond, and accompanies the wounded and sick throughout the period of treatment and recovery, The Terms of Service Officer is responsible for assisting the individual in the personal aspects of his private life, while attempting to combine his personal life with all the difficulties that are revealed together with proper and full military service. The corps was created on May 1977.

The human Resource training base of the IAF is Training Base 11 (School for Human Resources), has been located in the IDF training center in the Negev since 2015.

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