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Israeli Army, IDF military Double-Sided Fleece Jacket - Olive Green and Black.

Double Sided Fleece Jacket - Olive Green and Black.

 100% polyester fleece, which provides maximum heat and cold weather comfort. 

Offers durability and "breathing" fibers to prevent sweating of the body. Known as Very warm and most useful among the IDF units. 

The full zip front helps to wear and remove the jacket quickly and easily, the material is soft and comfortable for using as first layer on skin and it dries quickly.

The Double Sided Fleece Jacket can be turn over from Olive Green into Black .

Available in sizes:  XL, and XXL only !!!

sizes S, M, and L are out of stock!!!

The Olive Green side has shoulder strap for epaulet, it is The new answer for Maximum heating by minimum number of layer.