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Graduates of the Nativ Military Course symbol.

The Nativ Military Program is intended for IDF soldiers and National Service Volunteers.

The Nativ Military Basic Course deals with defining and strengthening Israeli-Jewish-Zionist identity. During the course, students are exposed to a rich world of content including Jewish History, Zionism and Israel, Bible Study, Jewish Philosophy, Practical Judaism, the Jewish Yearly Cycle, the Jewish Life Cycle, and more.

The army's conversion program begins before enlistment, when the army turns to non-Jewish recruits and informs them of the possibility of undergoing Jewish studies and conversion at the service.

The Nativ course, which takes place within the framework of the Institute for Jewish Studies, lasts seven weeks, and about one-fifth of the participants are Jewish immigrant soldiers.

At the end of the course, the organizers suggest that the soldiers continue two intensive seminars, two weeks each, at the end of which they will appear before the military court for conversions.

The duration of the entire procedure is six months (including breaks of one month between each stage) - about half of the minimum time period for a civil conversion.