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Short sleeve printed T-Shirt with an IDF logo of the General Staff Reconnaissance Commando Recon Unit- the "Sayeret Matkal" Meaning in Hebrew wards - "Sayeret Matkal". The small print will be in the front on the left side and the big print on the center of the T-Shirt back. Available shirt colors: White, Black, Olive Green and Navy Blue. Please make sure to request color and size by mail. * 100% Cotton. * Printed in Israel. * Sizes: from S-XXL are available. * Sizes: 3XL & 4XL are available in black or white only. Sayeret Matkal - the General Staff Reconnaissance Commando Recon Unit is without a doubt the most famous special unit force in Israel and well known in the world due to its secret commando operations. And intelligence information collecting behind enemy lines to obtain strategic intelligence, The warrior in Sayeret Matkal goes through many trainings, starting in the general Paratroopers training followed by Commando Fighting course, Guerrilla Fighting, Anti Terror course, Tactical Hand-To-Hand Combat fighting course, Patrol, Field Navigation, survival courses and many more. This pin stands for the biggest pride of the IDF!