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An Israeli Army / Military / IDF Adjutant, prior former Human Resources Directorate Corps Gilded Beret's Badge / Symbol This Israeli Army / Military / IDF Adjutant prior former Human Resources Directorate Corps Authentic Beret badge / pin.

An authentic collector item: The Adjutant Beret prior Gilded badge / pin. Gilded Official beret badge usually worn by Discipline Commanders.

Used by A permanent army soldier who Graduate a Discipline Commander course - A Master-at-Arms who is not an officer course in the IDF.

Responsible for the administration of the base or unit, ceremonies, nutrition, cleanliness and general discipline.

The IDF, ZAHAL IDF Adjutant Beret prior badge recently replaced to Human Resources Directorate Beret authentic badge / pin Directorate Corps On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its establishment, the Adjutant Chief Officer decided to change the name on the beret of the Corps to Human Resources Directorate Corps.

The Beret Badges combines with features of an open book under a sword combine with olive branches with two olive branches frame.

The corps was created on May 1977.

The human Resource training base of the IAF is Training Base 11 (School for Human Resources), has been located in the IDF training center in the Negev since 2015.

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