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Israeli Army Military IDF Artillery Corps Gunnery 3 Beret badges Symbols Set Israeli Army / military / IDF Artillery Corps / Gunnery’s 3 Beret's Symbols Set - Black / Glided & Silvered This Israeli Army / military / IDF Artillery Corps / Gunnery’s 3 Beret badges / pins authentic collectors set includes: The IDF Artillery Corps / Gunnery’s Beret Badges in Black / Glided & Silvered.

Symbol combines with the two leaves that form a framework / crown around an Old Cannon.

The Israeli Artillery Corps is responsible for operating medium and long-range artillery.

The corps main missions are Assisting IDF maneuvering forces, at the place, time and with the firepower required And Paralyzing and destroying enemy targets and threats throughout the IDF zone of operations.

The Artillery Corps is a diverse corps, with its lion share consisting of high-trajectory barrel artillery.

The corps three main support regiments: The Pillar of Fire Formation, The Golan Formation, The Kela David Formation The IDF Artillery Corps also operates the Field Artillery School and a training center.

The IDF Artillery corps is amongst the most advanced components of the IDF, using advanced technology to improve its precision and effectiveness. Artillery Corps soldiers wear Turquoise berets and Black army boots.

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