39 $

An Israeli Army / Military / IDF "Givati" Infantry Brigade Men's Hand made Leather Wallet Pocket Purse. 

authentic Hand made Men's money / Document ID / Cards Wallet with Israeli Army / Military / IDF "Givati" infantry brigade logo stamped / burnt on it.

Made in Israel by Amiel Leather Design ©

 Color- Dark brown

Measures when closed:

Length – 115 mm

Width - 90 mm  

Measures when opened:

Length – 225 mm

Width - 90 mm 

 Description of the wallet cells and components division:

2 bills sections

6 credit & Plastic card slots

1 id /picture slots

1 coin pouch with zipper closure

High quality stitching


The "Givati" Brigade also known as the 5th Brigade. It is one of the most highly decorated infantry units in the Israel Defense Forces. The "Givati" Brigade was reestablished as a mechanized infantry brigade and then preceded on to amphibious warfare in 1983. In 1986 the brigade's purple beret was officially approved. Since 1999 it serves under Israel's Southern Command. It has since participated in all of Israel's major wars and nearly all major operations. The brigade consists of five battalions, two of them Special Forces battalions.