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Israeli Army / Military / IDF Infantry Warrior Spire Frontier Combat fighter Sergeant Green Vacation Uniform's Set of Embroidery Ranks One Set of Israeli Army / Military / IDF infantry Warrior Spire Frontier Enlisted (Hoger) Soldier in regular duty Combat fighter vacation Uniform's Sergeant dark green rank (Samal) – The Frontier sergeant rank (Samal) is a pair of tripled striped Black embroidery rank, in the shades of dark green. It is worn on each arm and indicates usually the service period of eighteen months and on. The Sergeant rank followed the Corporal. In some cases, the Corporal will be granted with the rank of Sergeant as reward for excellency in a course graduation or in case the job requires this rank. The time of waiting may be shortened between the ranks of Corporal and Sergeant when successfully passing a Sergeant's course. It is most common among platoon sergeants. Worn on both arms. * Authentic items !!! * Being used by real soldiers !!! * Official items !!!!