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An Israeli Army / military / IDF "Nahal"-  infantry Brigade 10 Symbols Set - pins & A Shoulder Tag.

This Israeli Army / military / IDF "Nahal" infantry brigade authentic set includes:

  1. The "Nahal" infantry brigade Tag.
  2. The "Nahal" brigade warrior combat badge - Granted to a soldier who passes and graduates the entire the ""Nahal" infantry training period.
  3.  The 50th Battalion "Bazelet" infantry battalion warrior badge - advanced infantry trained regiment.
  4. The 931 Battalion "Shaham" - infantry  battalion - advanced infantry trained regiment.
  5. The 932  Battalion  "Granit" infantry  battalion warrior badge - advanced infantry trained regiment
  6.  The Gadsa"r (Reconnaissance battalion) (Topaz) infantry  battalion warrior Pin - Three companies that make up this battalion: the Palsa"r (Reconnaissance Company), the Palna"t (Anti-Tank Company, commonly known as the Orev company), and the Palha"n (Engineering and Explosives Company). Soldiers in this battalion undergo an additional 8 months of training in krav Maga.
  7.  The Anti-Tank Company "Palna"t" pin - commonly known as the Orev Company).
  8. The Palha"n (Engineering and Explosives Company) - Engineering and Explosives Company
  9. The "Nahal" infantry brigade enamel symbol
  10. The "Nahal" - Fighting Pioneer Youth - original source enamel symbol: this unit belongs to the IDF Education Corps.


The Nahal Infantry Brigade is an infantry brigade of the Israel Defense Forces. It was formed in 1982 because of the growing need for infantry manpower in during the 1982 First Lebanon War. It is formed mainly from regular draftees as well as from a core of soldiers from the Nahal group, part of the Nahal movement, which combines social volunteerism, agriculture and military service.

The Nahal Infantry Brigade operates on the most volatile Israeli borders (Lebanon, Syria and Gaza) as well as in the West Bank territories.

Since its inception in 1982 it has operated in all Major wars and large-scale operations, playing key roles during the First and Second Lebanon War and the First and Second Intifada.

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