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An Israeli Army / Military / IDF Special Forces Warriors Infantry, Intelligent Commando & Artillery 6 Symbols / Units Pins.

This Israeli Army / military / IDF Special Forces warriors Infantry, Intelligent commando & Artillery 6 Symbols authentic set includes:

  1. The Paratrooper's wings - Received after five Parachute jumps.
  2. The IDF Naval Commando "Shayetet" 13 Warriors wings - Granted to a soldier who passes and graduates the entire Naval Commando's training period of 20 months. The pin is also known as "Bat Wings".
  3. The Maglan large warrior badge - A laser guided missile unit. An elite IDF unit, which specializes in destroying targets deep in quality and creating battlefield intelligence.
  4. Shaldag (kingfisher) Warriors wings – an IDF commando unit of the Israeli Air Force. The unit reports to the headquarters of the special air forces (emf) in the Air Force.
  5.  The Unit 669's Warrior insignia - The Airborne Combat Search and Rescue Team's goal and duty is to rescue airborne crewmen, who abandoned their plane due to technical disjunction problems, search, locate and rescue warriors and injured soldiers behind enemy lines and in land with the assistance of helicopters.
  6. Artillery cooperation Officer – KASHA pin - Sharing & cooperating artillery officer Position exists in every regiment of infantry brigade.
    This officer Entered enemy territory with the equipment and a list of targets for artillery batteries, serves for a direct correlation between the artillery battery backing, the fighters and officers in the field.


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