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An Israeli Navy / Military / INF Berets & Hats Set of 5 Icons / Symbols / Badges.

IDF Naval Corps Military 5 Berets & Hats Icons Symbols Badges set set includes:

1. The Navy hat badge - An Israeli Navy / Military / INF Naval Beret Badge Pin. Israeli Navy Military Beret Badge Naval Warfare Service Arm Military Official

2. The "Zoor Yam" Technical School hat badge - "Zoor Yam" is a Technical School of the Navy located at the Naval Training Base and educates students in Grades IX - XII

3. Mevoot - Yam Hat insignia - MEVOOT-YAM (the gate to the sea) the youth village Hat insignia.This is a boarding school that qualifies youth to work in sea professions. All graduates are serving the Navy or Israel national fleet company.

4. Ashdod Naval Officers School hat badge - Ashdod Naval officers school hat badge. Named in memory of the "Dakar" Submarine divers. 5. Naval Officers School in Acre hat badge - Naval Officers School in Acre hat badge.

Naval Officers School in Acre educates and trains boys and girls roles of command and officers in the navy and the Israeli merchant fleet.

The Israeli Navy - is the naval warfare service arm of the Israel Defense Forces, operating primarily in the Mediterranean Sea battlefront as well as the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea battlefront.

Although it is not particularly large and has small number of soldiers relative to other army's corps the Israeli navy is very sophisticated, working at high volumes and operates technologies and tools with advanced abilities, as well as special units owning class capabilities to many foreign armies aspire.

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