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An Israeli Police new Policing Patrol Operations Division Department of policing and Security Customs Uniform Chest patch.

An Israeli Police The new Policing Patrol Operations Division Department of policing and security Customs Uniform chest patch - authentic new black Customs Uniform chest new version patches.

The new Policing Department The department's main Purpose is to strengthen policing professionalism, the connection with the community, volunteers' activities, the field of service and emergency.

The main activity of the new police Policing department is to promote policing in all its forms, in particular: scouts, patrols, noncoms, police officers, dispatchers, volunteers and more.

The Division will also deal with the development of knowledge, equipment and systems for all Israel Police officers, as well as formulating and guiding the various operational concepts and doctrines that will be assigned to all police officers.

The Police Policing Department was established in 1975 as a police and security department. Later on it was called the Operations Division Department, and today, as stated, it was re-launched as the Policing Department of the Israel Police.

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