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An Israeli Army / Military / IDF infantry General Brigadier General + General Chief of Staff – Dark Green (Regular Army Service Uniform)Three Representative Sets of Ranks.

Three Sets of Israeli Army / Military / IDF infantry Regular Army Service Uniform representative presentable Ranks:

  1. General Brigadier- Commander of a brigade. – Green Rank.

General Brigadier (Tat aluf meaning in Hebrew) equivalent to NATO OF-6 uniform ranks.

General Brigadier General Brigadier can be either A Commanding General of an arm of service (service corps) or division commander.

The General Brigadier (Tat aluf) came into use since 1968.

Worn on both shoulders.


  1. The General (ALUF)is a senior military officer's rank, the second most important hierarchy in the IDF. This rank is equivalent to the rank of Major General ("two-star general") used by most armies of the world. Also, the term "Aluf" is used in all five senior army officer ranks (like using the term "general") - the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.), Colonel (Col.), Brigadier-General and General Chief of Staff.

General Brigadier General Brigadier can be either An Air Marshal, or an Admiral or Command headquarters / regional headquarters in North, Central or South

The term "ALUF" (champion) is from the Bible.

 Worn on both shoulders.


  1. The IDF Chief of General Staff-  Commander in Chief Rank (Ramatkal) equivalent to Lieutenant general  and NATO OF-8 labor uniform ranks.

It is the IDF's highest officer in active rank.

 It is a printed green Olive Leaf crossed by a sword and two figs leafs on khaki cotton epaulettes. Worn on both shoulders.

The Israel military Chief of the General Staff, also known as the Commander-in-Chief is the supreme commander and Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, placed under the authority of the government and subordinate to the Minister of Defense.

The Chief of the General Staff is appointed by the government once every three years according to the recommendation of the Minister of Defense.

Worn on both shoulders.


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