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A MAROM Dolphins' Star Bag BG5401 Pistol Concealment shoulder Carrying Bag Full Tactical Deployment.

Star Bag BG5401 - Newly designed pistols / handguns concealment shoulder side bag similar to any regular civilian bag, offers multiple compartments for storage of deferent items. In the main compartment of the bag a panel is located with elastic webbing for holding any size of pistol. The panel attaches to the bag with Velcro so it can be rotated to the convenient angle of each shooter. Tabs at both top corners allow fast draw of the weapon. This shoulder bag can be carried on waist or a shoulder.

The side bag Smart Structure enables quick access and fast draws of the weapon.

 Fits most 9 mm caliber pistols:

Glock 19 + 17, FN, CZ, Jericho, Berretta, Taurus and similars.

Star Bag BG5401 Tactical Deployment:

Star Bag BG5401 - Detachable pistol holster panel in main compartment.

Front ­ flap up with zippered pocket covers another large compartment and outer easily accessible magazine and cell phone pockets.

A Velcro Square is stitched on the front for connecting name or unit name Patch.

Main handgun compartment zipper can be locked to prevent theft / cup of valuables.


  • 24cm x 20cm
  • 0.450gr


Made in Israel.

MAROM DOLPHIN LTD was founded in 1993, one of Israel's leading companies for manufacture tactical equipment / gear designated to armies, police forces and security companies.