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Israeli IDF Naval Commando Shayetet 13 Unit Combat Cloth Disguising Dog Tag Cover

The hand made Dog-Tag covers are unique in our shop and other web sites buy it from us.

Each cover is carefully hand made by one of our staff, and provides the maximum convenience.

The covers are widely spread among the various units, and a great number of IDF soldiers ware it on them.

The inside is made of plastic, covered by Cordura cloth to prevent sweating, and contains an inner pocket for the dog-tag.

All dog tag covers come with ball chain, covered by a string to prevent skin rush for allergic people.

*The color of cloth on which the logo is embroidered may vary according to the material we have in stock.

Shayetet 13 (Hebrew) is the elite naval commando unit of the Israeli Navy. This unit is considered one of the primary Special Forces units of the Israel Defense Forces (along with Sayeret Matkal and Shaldag Unit).

Shayetet 13 specializes in sea-to-land incursions, counter-terrorism, sabotage, maritime intelligence gathering, maritime hostage rescue, and boarding. This unit has taken part in almost all of Israel's major wars, as well as other actions. The unit is one of the most secretive in the Israeli military and considered to be one of the best of the world’s Special Forces and is often being compared with the US Navy SEALs and Britain's Special Boat Service.