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The "Hovlim" Pin is for the Naval officers, the commanders of the soldiers serving the boats, missile-boats and submarines in the IDF Navy.

In the Naval Officer's course, the trainees goes through URT level-3, in addition to the commanding principles, boat and SM operation skills, crew and system lessons.

The Naval Officers course is voluntarily crewed.

The entire training period lasts 20 months, Divides to three phases consisting of the following phases: basic, Advanced and directive, which at the end the officer is granted with the rank of second Lieutenant.

The Naval Officer commit permanence of three years tenure. Basic: field and naval training which enquires him the combat elements and the basic skills for operating the small boats. At the end of the basic level, the trainee is qualified to command A rubber RSC boat crew.

Advanced and directive: Adv. + Dir. are divided according to the level of qualification and specialization:

Sailing course: training for weapon inspector officer, or Navigation and radio professional officer on the missile boats, submarines and fast patrol boats.

Mechanical Course: training for duty officer in charged of the mechanism of the missile boats and submarines. Electronic Course: training for electrician officer on missile boats and submarines.

The graduate will work on the proper boat or submarine on which he was qualified to work with. Entitled for this Metal badge are all officers that graduated the naval academy.