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"Nevatim" (Sprouts) Air force enamel pin.

Nevatim AF base was established following the evacuation of the Sinai Air Force bases, in accordance with the Camp David Accords.

Prior to this by US-funded bases Ramon and OVDA were established.

The Nevatim AF base opened for activities s in October 1983.

Unlike bases Ramon and OVDA that were built by the US military, the Nevatim AF base was built by Israeli contractors.

The base symbol that appears on the unit badge is made up of green fields that symbolize the flight paths, a brown mountain range that represents the Ira Mountains Whose shadow lies the base and two arrows.

There are old versions of the icon with orange or yellow mountain range. In the era when the base was a fighter wing, the arrows represented the two squadrons that were at the base when it was established (115 and 116).

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