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IDF Chief Of General Staff Beret's Symbol sraeli Army / Military / IDF Chief Of General Staff authentic set includes:

Three versions of the Israeli Army / Military / IDF Commanding General Officers– Black - Stands for army. Glided - Stands for Navy.

Silvered - Stands for Air Force. Symbol combines with the Shield Of David / Magen David icon that form a framework / crown around the symbol officers - the sword and olive leaf and At its base reads - Israel Defense Forces.

Sword with an olive branch was originally a symbol of Haganah underground organization. In the early years of army establishment this symbol was being used all soldiers in all units, except for the air force, navy and artillery corps, all received the same symbol hat is a symbol of the IDF.

The only difference was supposed to be just under the symbol background color to any force, but the idea implemented only partly.

Over the years, several of corps have been established and created their own berets symbols, this cap badge tag it later became chief of staff of the exclusive hat.

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