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Official Israeli Army Military IDF Woman's Black light 92001  Booties.

The official Woman's booties of the Israeli Army, Air force and Navy by Noga-Einat factory Model 92001 IDF standard.

The booties were designed and manufactured especially by the IDF standard for Woman's who are not intended to serve in positions of combat.

The rubber "Non Slip" sole has a very low amortization and is very flexible and light.

The booties made out of fine leather and build to last long difficult missions and situations.


Black women's shoe for a female Soldier / Police woman / security guard.

This model is distributed to IDF female soldiers who are not combatants when they are drafted into the army.

Available European sizes: 36, 37,38,39,40 & 41.


FULL GRAIN top leather in soft processing.

Leather has high water resistance.


Upholstered fabric absorbs sweat.

Sole: Designed and manufactured in Italy.

Emphasis is placed on comfort, shock absorption, flexibility, good grip and high resistance to slipping.

SH-12 low-layer polyurethane sole with low weight and shock-absorbing structure.

The sole is resistant to fuel oils and SRC slip.

Pad Lining:

A comfort pad suitable for prolonged standing is made of foamed polyurethane that adapts itself to the structure of the foot.

The pad has a double shock absorber in the heel area.

The padding is made of breathable fabric that absorbs sweat and evaporates it quickly.

Anti-bacterial pad.

Women's army shoe by Noga-Einat factory Model 92001 IDF standard.