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Israeli National Police Representations Service Peaked Visor Navy Blue cap hat Official visor hat of police officers.

Also available for Army, Parliament guard, Air force and Military police.

Israeli National Police Representations Service Visor Navy Blue peaked Cap / Hat With A Police Hat Symbol Attached.

A Brand new Authentic Police Representations Service Navy Blue Visor Cap, peaked cap, forage cap, barracks cover or combination cap / Hat with a Police Hat insignia Attached.

In difference from the Casual Work Cap OF the National Police law enforcement this Service Visor Navy Blue Cap is meant only for arranged Celebratory events and ceremonies. Every National Policeman has to keep that hat to wear it only in situation that requires with a light blue shirt and navy blue pants or to office and administrative personal, not for operative activities of daily routing.

This hat is made in Israel. - Available to head circumference 60 and 59 centimeters. - Easy to clean.

The Israel Police: The civilian police force of Israel.

Its duties include crime fighting, traffic control, maintaining public safety, and counter-terrorism. It is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Public Security.

The Israel Police operate throughout Israel proper, the Golan Heights and Area C of the West Bank, in all places in which Israel has civilian control.

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