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Israeli Army SAR-EL National Volunteers Project Symbol Logo Military IDF Style Black Hat / Baseball Cap. A Brand new Authentic Hat / Cap with the SAR-EL National Volunteers Project Symbol Logo / Badge/ Sign Embroidered in the center. - One size fits all - Adjustable by a buckle & strap in the back. - Easy to clean. - Embroidered not screened emblem - writings : "SAR - EL" Reconnaissance - 6 Panels. Sar-El is a National Project for Volunteers for Israel founded in spring 1983. Sar-El is a non-profit service organization, subordinate and under the direction of the Israeli Logistics Corps, gives Volunteers an experience of the military service as a regular soldier. Volunteers are employed in a few weeks the IDF workshops – usually related jobs in maintenance and Logistics. The program is open to Israeli citizens living abroad, non-Israeli citizens and any person who wish to participate in a national service without enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces. The program usually consists of three weeks of volunteer service on different rear army bases, doing non-combative work. The program also has one and two week service periods.