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Enamel pin of a submarine of the Gal class.

The Gal (wave) Submarines are from the third generation of the submarines that were built in the "Vickers" Factory in Scotland in the year of 1975 after a German submarine model and designed, equipped with 6 torpedo tubes and manned by a crew of 23.

The Gal class counts three models of submarines including: INS Gal. INS Tanin. INS Rahav.

The Gal submarine was the first one of this class to arrive to Israel in 1976. Basic Technical facts: Length: 45 meters. Diameter: 4.7 meters. Crew: up to 34 Ignition: Diesel and electric engines. Arming: 6 torpedo barrels. Speed AWS: 10.5 knot. Speed UWS: 17 knot.