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The Israel Army South Lebanon Security Zone War / Battle Enamel Ribbon IDF

Military medal symbol Enamel made ribbon of the South Lebanon Security Zone War/ Battle (September 30, 1982 to May 24, 2000).

The Ribbon of the South Lebanon Security Zone Battle / War is an Israeli appreciation awarded by the IDF or the Defense Ministry for IDF soldiers and SLA members who fought in the South Lebanon Security Zone Battles in combat military units from September 30, 1982, the end of the first Lebanon war until May 24, 2000.

The Ribbon of the South Lebanon Security Zone Battle is given even though the Battles in the security zone has not been recognized as a war.

Under the decisions of the Ministerial Committee for Symbols and Ceremonies. Because of the nature of this war, and deep involvement of civilians in the rear, this ribbon was awarded to thousands of civilians, unlike other war ribbons of the State of Israel.

The meanings of the ribbons appear colors:

  1. Blue and white in center - symbolize the Israeli flag.
  2. Green andred- symbolize the Lebanese flag as well as the fighting in an area saturated with vegetation (green) and the casualties and the fighting strength (red)
  3. Gray - symbolizes the prolonged military activity and the color of the outpost's concrete.

This is the first Israeli campaign Ribbon badge in which horizontal stripes were combined and the second Ribbon with horizontal stripes between all the Israeli Ribbons and decorations after the volunteer badge.


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