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ZIPPO Lighter Classic Cerulean 24534 +  Golden Magen David / Shield / Star of David / Hexagram Print

 Zippo item # 24534 GOLDEN MAGEN Lighter Brand new in box.

Zippo Classic # 24534 GOLDEN MAGEN Cerulean With Golden Magen David, Shield / Star of David, Hexagram Print.

 Magen David ( Shield / Star of David) is Hexagram (Six-Pointed Star), which are two equilateral triangles on each - the top edge upward, bottom edge and down - creating a structure of six equilateral triangles attached to the ribs hexagon. According to Jewish traditions and others, this icon was painted or engraved on the defenders of King David's warriors. Another version of the symbol, which only five vertices (Pentagram) is known as the "Seal of Solomon".

 • Dimensions: 2 1/4 inches high x 1 1/2 inch wide

• New, Never been struck, in original box with lifetime


• Distinctive Zippo Click.

• Orange security label in Hebrew still on the back

• Packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box.
• Color - Cerulean
• Lifetime Guarantee by ZIPPO
• This item will be shipped without fluid.

Recommended use & Fill with Zippo premium lighter fluid.

 This Zippo comes in its original box/packaging & have the orange security label in tact & the Zippo's lifetime warranty.

 NOTE: Lighter Comes With No Fluid.